TIM Program Description

Telecommunications & Information Management (TIM) is an interdsciplinary major
offered through through the Computer Information Systems program, Department of Business Information Systems, Haworth College of Business (HCoB) and the School
of Communication (COM), College of Arts & Sciences. The TIM major is designed to train students in a variety of telecommunications and data communication subdisciplines,
including network operations, cable television, Internet and electronic commerce, telephony,
satelite and wireless communication and information assurance and compliance.  The TIM program is the first of its kind in the state of Michigan. TIM prepares students for one of the fastest growing occupations projected by the U.S. Department of Labor (www.bls.gov/emp/emptab21.htm). 

There are several reasons for creating this program:

  • Convergence of Disciplines

The clear lines and historic boundaries that once separated telecommunications and information technology are becoming less distinct.  A natural convergence of industries and information technologies are blurring those distinctions. The principle of convergence can
be seen in the development of such things as satellite and wireless communication, the Internet, eCommece and data base management. The main driving force behind convergence is the digitalization of media, information technology and entertainment. Digital technology improves the quality and efficiency of switching, routing and storing of information.
It increases the potential for manipulation and transformation of data. 

  • The Value of Interdisciplinary Program Studies at WMU          

This program is in keeping with the College of Arts & Sciences strategic plan and the
stated goal to create interdisciplinary programs at Western Michigan University. 
The TIM major offers a 21st century approach to the study of telecommunications and information technology by combining people and resources across the greater WMU campus.  Working together, Communication and CIS offers prospective majors a uniquely designed program that supports the larger mission of being a student-centered research university.

  • Professional Employment Opportunities for our Students

Telecommunications and data communications are among the fastest growing fields in the U.S. economy today. The convergence in both areas necessitate a curriculum that is more reflective of the on-going changes in the field.  We have absolute confidence that our students will be among the best trained for the professional skills and knowledge base that this program offers.




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